How creative. How innovative.

Eva Moskowitz’s son is teaching AP Economics at her high school because the teacher hired to teach the class quit before school started. Her son Culver Grannis Moskowitz does not have a college degree. (Grannis is Eva Moskowitz’s husband’s name).

Some of the students think it is odd to have a teacher only a year or two older than themselves. Others like it.

Maybe he is just filling in until she can find a real teacher.

He is uncertified, of course. Was this the reason Eva wanted the power to certify her own teachers?

Culver may be a fine young man but he is not certified to tesch in New York State.

The moral of the story is that when you are CEO, you can do whatever you want.

Or, when your school is not a public school, you don’t have to hire certified teachers. You can even hire your son.