Mark Green is a fearless political leader who has strong progressive values and plenty of smarts. He was Punlic Advocate in NYC. worked with Ralph Nader, ran for Mayor Against Bloomberg, and is currently organizing against Trump. He created a Twitter group called the Shadow Cabinet, which tweets at @ShadowingTrump. I am the Shadow Secretary of Education.

Mark wrote this article about the rhetoric of Democrats and how they need to ramp up who they are and what they stand for.

Trump rules the airwaves with unabashed lies and demonizing.

“Yet Democrats have some clear advantages too. On most major issues — guns, choice, Dreamers, immigration, the tax code, climate, “privatization” of Social Security — polling indicates that the party in exile does represent a progressive majority, indeed at times a super-majority, which is why Trump is at a record low in modern polling for a President at this point — with his approval rating underwater by 20 points, according to Quinnipiac.

“Still, are Democrats properly exploiting his weaknesses and their advantages? Not nearly enough. Where, for example, are those voices that understand the power of metaphor and narrative to keep Trump in the hole he dug for himself?

“Words, images and concepts are what shape and win political debates: like William Jennings Bryan saying “Americans won’t be crucified on a cross of gold” (well, he lost on that one), Teddy Roosevelt’s “malefactors of great wealth,” Barack Obama’s “Yes we can,” Ronald Reagan’s (albeit composite) “welfare queen”; Occupy’s “We are the 99%.”

“The Democratic Party, however, continues to fight the war with deeply outmoded rhetorical weaponry.

“Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, for example, are obviously skillful legislators. But their slogan “A Better Way” was a well-researched dud that no one remembers. Their new version for the fall — “For the People” — is better, yet still so vague as to be largely meh.

“And it’s undermined by their apologies after Rep. Maxine Waters suggested confronting 45’s cabinet members in public spaces about the administration’s family separation policy. In this skins-shirts moment, it’s pathetic to spend any time on defense, certainly not when the issue is incivility versus inhumanity.

“The proper way to respond to GOP scandals, failures and “twistifications” (Jefferson’s coinage) is not with boring, overthought Beltway taglines, or mealymouthed words like “concerning,” “problematic” and “inappropriate.”

“Major Democrats and progressive advocates must re-educate themselves in order to vividly, unapologetically expose the most reactionary, dishonest, incompetent, erratic, corrupt, nasty narcissist ever to be President. And then, they must champion policies, aligned with their rhetoric, that relentlessly remind voters what Democrats stand for.

“After public revulsion over the kidnapping of 3,000 children and the betrayal in Helsinki — plus a Supreme Court nominee who would likely be the vote overturning Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act — can Democrats finally rhetorically rise to this historic challenge?”