Angie Sullivan teaches in a high-poverty public school in Clark County, Nevada. She writes letters to every legislator. Here is her latest:

This is who we should laugh at the hardest:

Current Nevada Legislative Leadership with hands directly on charter garbage: Nevada Senator Hammond, Nevada Assemblywoman Bilbray Axel Rod, Nevada Senator Denis, and Nevada Senator Woodhouse.

Tell Democratic Majority Leader Aaron Ford his degree in charter schools did not work.

Tell Harry Reid his relationships especially with Gulen and the airforce base charter did not work.

Tell Adam Laxalt in the Attorney General’s Office to stop protecting failing charters. Close them.

Tell former Assemblyman Pat Hickey his hands in the mess just makes him messy too.

Tell Canavero, Jana and Rebecca of NVDOE to take the charter junk science out of Nevada. Paid huge sums to create trash.

Tell the Nevada State Charter Authority to get a handle on this NOW!

Everyone laughs at Nevada.

Especially reformers who are for school choice.

For good reason.

Not responsible or accountable.

Shame on elected policy makers who took money or are involved in this garbage.

$350 million down the toilet.

Folks better be asking real teachers how to get this education job done because turning it over to a Billionaire Casino Manager Elaine Wynn or Tennis Player Andre Agassi has not and does not work. Stacking the Nevada State School Board with business folks, neoliberals, and TFA has produced garbage. No one questions any of this noticeable criminal type behavior?

Legislators better fix this during the next session. Nevada simply can not afford this.

Do you know how many Magnet Public Schools could be supported with $350 million?

This is your education legacy.

Bottom of the bottom. And then even lower.

Both sides of the aisle should own this. And the legislative session is coming up. Stop turning public schools into gutter dwelling charters. Offer unsuspecting students and parents a worse choice – is not “choice”.

Everyone should be laughing at Nevada Charters.

They are a terrifying and horrific joke.