In December 2015, a state district judge in New Mexico put a halt to the use of New Mexico’s teacher evaluation system, which then State Commissioner Hanna Skandera had imported from Florida. Her replacement since Skandera’s departure, Chris Ruzskowski (former TFA) praised the state’s harshly punitive system as the toughest in the nation. In Skandera’s seven years leading the New Mexico schools, the state NAEP scores were stagnant. They are in the NAEP cellar with the poorest Southern states. None of her “Florida reforms” made any difference.

Audrey Amrein-Beardsley here reviews what is now known about this teacher evaluation program. As is typical, 70% of teachers do not teach the tested subjects. Teachers in affluent districts get higher scores. Teachers who teach the neediest kids get the lowest scores. Caucasian teachers get higher scores than non-Caucasians.

It may soon be a moot issue, as all three Democratic candidates and the one Republican running for Governor have said they would overhaul or discard the flawed evaluation system.

Congratulations to the AFT of New Mexico, which fought this idiotic system in court and halted its consequences.