Reed Hastings is a tech entrepreneur, a billionaire, and founder of Netflix. He is determined  to replace public schools with charter schools. He served for a time as president of the state board of education in California. He has donated millions of dollars to the California Charter Schools Association. He was a founder of Rocketship, the charter that places poor kids in front of computers for hours each day and hires TFA to teach them in large classes, but skips the arts. He funds campaigns of charter champions like Nick Melvoin. He recently funded Antonio Villaraigosa for Governor and Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent of Instruction, both of them are part of the charter cabal.

He famously declared his opposition to the very existence of elected school boards.

Why does Reed Hastings hate public schools? Read the linked article and see if you can answer these questions.

Is it because he loves disruption? Does he hate democracy? Does he think schools are akin to tech start ups?

What do you think?