I am no longer giving lectures because I am devoting full time to writing a book.

So, if you want to see the lecture I gave at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, here it is.

What was most wonderful about this visit was that in preparing for my talk, I learned about the Kalamazoo Promise, a guarantee of subsidized tuition to every high school graduate from the Kalamazoo Public Schools by an anonymous donor. (I was so inspired that when I was in Seattle a week earlier, I recommended that Bill Gates launch the Washington State Promise, guaranteeing college tuition to every high school graduate in the state to any college where they were accepted. He is looking for new ideas, and this is one with great results.)

Michigan is a state that has invested heavily in charter schools and seen its standings on NAEP drop like a stone. No wonder Betsy DeVos brags about Florida but not her own home state.

Kalamazoo is a charming town with wonderful old-fashioned homes and office buildings.

The educators on campus could not have been friendlier. I enjoyed my visit and had the pleasure of seeing Gary Miron, who does very important work in studying charters and virtual charters.

In the photo, you will see that I wore a fur coat in mid-April. When I left New York, the temperature in Kalamazoo was 22. On arrival, there were a few inches of snow on the ground. The next day it was in the 60s, and all the snow was gone.

I traveled via the airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and walked under an arch at the airport that carried the big logo “Amway.” I was expecting Betsy DeVos to pop up any minute, but there was no sign of her. However, I did see her husband’s aviation charter school on the periphery of the airport.