Jan Resseger can’t quite believe that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visited New York City and failed to tour even one public school.

She went to two private religious schools run by Orthodox Jewish sectarians. She spoke to an event hosted by a Catholic organization.

She talked about her views, which are antithetical to public education.

Weird, isn’t it, that she is the Secretary of Education and is hostile to the schools that enroll 90% of America’s students?

The Betsy DeVos we saw on Leslie Stahl’s interview at 60 Minutes is the real Betsy DeVos.

She doesn’t have a single idea about how to help schools do a better job. Her only idea is choice.

She will, if Congress lets her, slash the budgets of the schools that enroll 90% of the students so as to send more children to religious schools.

She has no sense whatever of public responsibility or the common good. These are foreign concepts to her.

Worst of all, she lacks any education vision whatever for the nation’s children and its schools.