Sara Stevenson, librarian at the O.Henry Middle School in Austin, frequently writes letters to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, refuting the opinion writers’ regular attacks on public schools and teachers. For as long as anyone can remember (meaning me), the WSJ has favored unlimited school choice, and it usually makes the case by sneering at public schools. Sara has already been honored by this blog as a hero for her constant vigilance on behalf of the common good. She doesn’t let the WSJ opinion writers get away with BS.

She has a letter in today’s WSJ, rebutting the claim that throwing money at schools (e.g., fully funding them) makes a difference.

“Regarding “Teachers on Strike” (Notable & Quotable, April 25): Jason Riley uses New York as the poster child for high spending in education with only middling test scores. However, Massachusetts ranks third in teacher salaries and number one in student test scores. I prefer that correlation to prove that you get what you pay for.”