Tim Slekar, dean of education at Edgewood College in Wisconsin, is a tireless activist for public education and teachers. He created a podcast that hits on every important issue and he interviews important figures in education.

In this powerful podcast, he interviews two mothers of amarjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. They remember that terrible day when they didn’t know whether their children had survived.

Please listen.

PS: A spokesperson for the Gates Foundation announced on Twitter that it was launching the first podcast ever by and for teachers, created by the Gates-funded Educators for Excellence, as Astroturf group of young teachers who frequently testify against tenure, seniority, unions, and other job protections that Bill Gates finds unnecessary. Obviously, Gates never heard of Tim Slekar’s “Busted Pencils” or “The Rick Smith Show” or the BATS podcasts. But then, they are not Gates funded.