Mercedes Schneider received an email from Eva Moskowitz, founder of the Success Academy charter chain in New York City, announcing that she has “reinvented” the high school; the graduates of her new high school will be prepared to enroll in selective colleges, succeed in college and graduate from college.

Mercedes reviewed a post from Gary Rubinstein, in which he reported that the attrition rate in Eva’s K-8 schools is about 80%. The only students allowed to enter one of her two new high schools are those who completed the eighth grade at one of her SA charters. She accepts no new students after third grade.

Both of the new high schools are co-located in public schools that didn’t want them.

It is hard to know if Eva’s new high school will do what she promises because it has not yet graduated a single student. There are 17 students in the class of 2018. We won’t know about their success in college until they enter and complete college.

I am reminded of the Common Core, which made all sorts of pie-in-the-sky claims about preparing every single student for success in college or careers, closing achievement gaps, producing dramatically higher test scores, higher graduation rates, less college remediation, etc. all based on wishful thinking, not a scintilla of evidence.

Maybe I was reminded of Common Core because I spent the day re-reading Mercedes excellent history of the Common Core, called “Common Core Dilemma.” It is most definitely written from a teacher’s perspective.