Police officials are investigating the possibility that at least three armed deputies stayed outside the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while mass murderer Nikolas Cruz was gunning down students and teachers.

The “good guys”with the guns did not even attempt to stop the “bad guy”with an AR-15. They knew they were outgunned and they failed to do their duty. They left zcruz to kill at will.

Trump used this information to argue at the Conservative PAC that teachers should be armed because they “know”and “love” the students, and they would confront a mass murderer with an AR-15 armed only with a handgun.

New York Police Department statistics show that well-trained police officers are accurate only 18% of the time in a gunfight.

Imagine the scene in a school, where there is pandemonium, and teachers start firing wildly. How many students and teachers will be killed by friendly fire? Trump imagines that 10-20% of America’s teachers are highly trained marksmen, perhaps with Marine training. At one of his news conferences, he said that General Kelly could have stopped Nikolas Cruz with a handgun. Since General Kelly is unlikely to be located in any American school at any future time, this claim is pure fantasy.

Trump forgets that 70% or so of educators are women. Very few of America’s teachers are former Marines or expert marksmen. His remedy will guarantee mass mayhem.

The only meaningful cure is banning military weapons, keeping them out of the hands of civilians.