Tom Ultican, who recently retired as a high school teacher of advanced math and physics in California, has been studying the tentacles of the privatization movement.

His latest expose reveals the nefarious, insidious organization benignly called “Education Cities.” It is a spin-off of The equally insidious organization called The. I don’t Trust, which has hidden behind a facade of faux progressivism. The Mind Trust goal is the complete privatization of the public schools of Indianapolis.

Dont be fooled! Like The Mind Trust, Educatuon Cities is a central part of a long-range plan to destroy public education. It is now operating in 25 Cities. Like other privatization groups, it begins by telling you how terrible your public schools are. It warns that there are achievement gaps in your schools, based on race and income. It claims that it will lure schools to your city that are so great that every student will have high scores. It’s propaganda, like all propaganda, is shot through with lies, exaggerations, hyperbole, and false promises.

Is your city one of their targets? Read Tom’s article and find out.

These are the hollow men. They come to steal your public schools and give them to entrepreneurs.