Thomas Ultican has put his research skills to work while reviewing the depredations of the corporate reform organization’s intent on destroying public education.

In this post, he analyzes the origins of TNTP, The New Teacher Project, a spin-off of Teach for America led initially by Michelle Rhee.

TNTP is a cash cow for ambitious reformers. It advances its self-interest by attacking experienced teachers.

TNPT is an integral part of the privatization movement. It ignores genuine scholarship and undermines teacher professionalism.

“TNTP is important for the DPE movement. It produces papers that undermine teacher professionalism and it works to circumvent proven teacher training led by universities. It also works to gain control of pedagogy in a way that narrows curriculum. Why? It is all about cutting costs and business transactions. It does not improve the quality of education in America; it harms it.”