Julian Vasquez Heilig reported here that the California Charter School Association was using its muscle in the state legislature to weaken accountability, especially rules that govern conflicts of interest.

The good news: The bill has been killed.

JVH wrote:

The California Charter School Association has been carrying a bill – SB 806 (Glazer) – to loosen regulations on conflict of interest at charter schools. Pretty obscene in the midst of conflict of interest stories like this and this, two stories that came out since this bill was rejected by the Legislature last year.

The author is determined to stop charter schools from having to comply with Government Code 1090; This law protects the public and prevents conflicts of interest. SB 806 has a provision which stops authorizers like Los Angeles Unified or East Side from being able to require that new charter petitioners agree to comply with Government Code 1090; SB 806 says that only the limited conflict of interest provisions within the bill can be applied. The only changes in the bill that were made since last year are some minor new transparency for contracts between charter schools and CMOs. This is inadequate because CMOs manage charter schools and should comply with open meetings and public records laws, just like school districts that manage district schools.

The charters school lobbyists are sneaky because they are pushing this right after the holiday recess and the bill sprung onto the calendar not leaving much time for the public to speak out.

Here is a simple but important idea:


On January 9, the effort to weaken the conflict of interest Limits was killed by opponents of the charter industry.