I am leaving this morning for an extended trip to Asia.

So long as I have Internet access, I will read your comments and share important news. I will write about what I see.

I am flying to Los Angeles, then to Hong Kong, then to Saigon (now called Ho Chi Minh City). I had the opportunity to visit Vietnam about 20 years ago, when I was in Hong Kong, but I didn’t want to. There was too much American blood in the soil. I couldn’t do it.

Enough time has passed, enough time for reconciliation (as a Jew I couldn’t bring myself to visit Germany until 1984 and have visited again many times, with great pleasure.) I will be with friends (all retired) on a cruise ship on the Mekong River. We will see Saigon, take a sidetrip to Angkor Wat, see the Cambodian killing fields, end up in Hanoi. Then a few days in Shanghai.

I watched the Ken Burns series on the war in Vietnam. It convinced me that our country picked up the colonial role of the French, who left Vietnam after their humiliating defeat at Dienbienphu. Our leaders warned us about the Domino Theory. We now know they were wrong. So many died. No dominoes.

While I am traveling, I will repost some golden oldies from the Blog every day, posts that I thought were significant and bear re-reading. I will also stay up to the date as th3 ship has Internet service.  I won’t be far away, except physically.