The way the Senate Republicans rammed through a tax bill that affects everyone in the country without hearings or debates, without allowing Democrats to read the bill before the vote was taken, is an assault on basic democratic values.

Senator John McCain spoke eloquently during the health care debate about the need to return to normal order, where both parties work together, but even he abandoned what seemed to his principles.

There were no principles to be seen during the debacle in the Senate.

Steve Singer writes here about this rush to redistribute money to the wealthiest in our society, while telling baldfaced lies about its true purposes.

“I am no fan of the corporate Democrats who have taken over what used to be a progressive party. But we can’t blame them for this one.

“This scandal belongs entirely on the shoulders of Republicans.

“The Dems even offered a resolution to delay the vote so that legislators had a chance to read it. All 52 Republicans voted against it!

“This is what happens when the people lose control of their government.

“This is what happens when the rich control lawmakers with their money.

“There is no longer any doubt that we no longer live in a Republic. We no longer have any form of representative Democracy. We live in a pure plutocracy.

“The rich pay the representatives and the representatives do what the rich want.

“The wealthy are their real constituents. We are merely patsies told polite falsehoods to keep us in line.

“You have no political power.


“Governments get their legitimacy from the consent of the governed.

“You did not give your consent to give away more than a trillion dollars to rich douchebags who don’t need it. But Republicans gave it to them anyway.

“Therefore, our government has no legitimacy.

“We are an occupied people.

“We are the victims of a palace coup.”

There will be an election in 2018.and another in 2020.

We must take back our government.

Time to #Drantheswamp. It is full of snakes and alligators.