I won’t attempt to summarize this critique of Donna Brazile’s claims about the 2016 campaign.


The part I can’t figure how is why she thinks the DNC “rigged” the election? I never knew or cared who was chair of the DNC. Hillary won New York State, where I live, by an overwhelming margin. She won the primaries by 3.7 million votes. How did the DNC “rig” the outcome? If Bernie’s choice controlled the DNC, highly unlikely since he was not then and is not now a member of the Democratic Party, what would have been different?


Clinton bailed out a bankrupt DNC. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was incompetent. Where is the scandal?

Expect Trump to seize on this as a pretext for putting Hillary in jail and reducing the status of our country to an authoritarian banana republic. He promised to “lock her up.” His base would love it.

We can collectively hang our heads in Shame.