Last April, Randi had an off-the-record conversation with Steve Bannon, at his request, before he was ousted. She refused to meet him at the White House. They met at a restaurant. He laid out his vision for a grand alliance of workers against elites (apparently his idea of elites does not include the billionaire Mercers, who bankroll him).

Bannon sounds like a 21st century version of Tom Watson of Georgia, who began his political career as a populist, but eventually turned into a bitter hater of blacks, Jews, and Catholics. He sought to unite people around a common ground of bigotry. Except in Bannon’s case, he is backed by Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebecca, funders of the bigoted alt-right. And now he is leading a crusade to replace moderate and even rightwing Republicans with bigots and extremists like Roy Moore of Alabama.

Randi found his ideas to be abhorrent.

She wrote about the meeting on Facebook.

She wrote:

“Of course I would have a conversation with Bannon…Bannon was Trump’s whisperer at the time (may still be)

“I will go into any ring I can to fight for public education;to fight for the students, patients and communities we serve and the educators, nurses, and public employees we represent;to fight for DACA;to fight against the rollbacks to rights including Title IX rights, LGBTQ rights, labor rights, and voting rights;to fight against predatory practices of student loan lenders;and to fight for infrastructure and manufacturing and good jobs, with good wages, a voice at work and a secure retirement… and to fight for an independent media and judiciary, a thriving labor movement;

“I will go anywhere I can to fight for an America that believes in fairness and democracy, and an America that fights polarization, demagoguery, tyranny and authoritarianism.

“And just on a personal level.. imagine this… I am a gay, Jewish leader of a labor union whose grandparents were immigrants- refugees from Russia and the Ukraine. I was sitting across from a man who would have barred my grandparents from coming to the US.. and is supporting someone for Senator for Alabama who would bar me from living my life…

“So of course this was a tough conversation to have….and his beliefs and positions affect me in a deeply personal way

“But the convo went no where…. because he wasn’t going to convince me about his ideas.. and unfortunately I couldn’t convince him about ours…..”