Paul Krugman has an ominous article about the Governor’s race in Virginia.

Dr. Ralph Northam, who is Lt. Governor, is running against GOP operative, Ed Gillespie, who is running as a white nationalist candidate.

Krugman writes:

Ed Gillespie, the G.O.P. candidate, is trying to pull off an upset by going full-on Trumpist, doing all he can — with assistance from the tweeter in chief — to mobilize the white nationalist vote. He’s accusing Ralph Northam, his Democratic opponent, of dishonoring the state’s Confederate heroes. (Funny how people who accuse their rivals of being unpatriotic worship men who engaged in armed rebellion against the United States.) He’s not only accused Northam of being soft on illegal immigration, but he’s insinuated that this somehow makes him an ally of a violent Central American gang.

These cynical ploys probably won’t change many minds in a state that disapproves strongly of Trump and all his works. But they might mobilize enough angry white voters to swing the election if Democrats don’t come out in equal force.

Whatever happens in Virginia, the consequences will be huge. If Gillespie pulls this off, all the worst impulses of the Trumpist G.O.P. will be empowered; you might think that things can’t get even worse, but yes, they can…

Folks, right now this is where the action is: Virginia is now the most important place on the U.S. political landscape — and what happens there could decide the fate of the nation.

Dr. Northam is a strong supporter of public schools. He is a graduate of Virginia’s public schools.

I just sent him a contribution. I hope you will too.

Betsy DeVos and family gave $100,000 to Gillespie to keep white nationalism strong. Don’t let them win.

You can also help flip the Virginia legislature from red to blue by supporting these 9 candidates with one gift.