Linda Darling-Hammond fell ill over the weekend and had to cancel her appearance at the annual Ravitch Lecture at Wellesley College on October 19 at 7:30 pm at Alumnae Hall.

We were extremely fortunate to persuade one of the world’s most eminent authorities on the teaching profession to speak that night. Professor Andy Hargreaves will talk about the future of the teaching profession, drawing on examples of successful and powerful collaborations among teachers around the world.

Teaching for Life in Today’s World: How Teachers Collaborate for Good

Andy Hargreaves is Thomas More Brennan Chair, Lynch School of Education, Boston College. He is a renowned scholar of international education, teaching, and education reform who consults with organizations and governments all over the world, Andy Hargreaves is author or editor of over 30 books. He will describe what teaching for life, not just for tests, skills, careers, or individual gain looks like in different communities internationally where teachers work together to fight for dignity, peace, and democracy, even in the most difficult circumstances. Drawing on examples from around the world, he will discuss how we can help teachers in the United States work together to teach for good in their communities.

Andy Hargreaves received the Grawemeyer Award in 2015 with his co-author Michael Fullan for their work on the transformative power of teacher collaboration.