During the weeken that Hurricane Maria smashed into Puerto Rico and flattened much of the island, Trump played golf, traded insults with North Korea, and set off a tempest with the NFL.


He was very busy being Trump: indifferent to suffering, playing, mocking others.

When someone reminded him that an American territory was in dire straits, he went to his fallback position of complimenting himself on what a great job he was doing. He is testing the adage that you can’t fool all
The people all the time.

Now he is on to tax cuts, where the biggest cut of all is the elimination of the estate tax, which will benefit his family and other billionaires. The 1% is riding high, as usual, while Trump boasts that his tax cuts will benefit the middle class. That’s a laugh. Of. Purse, he won’t release his tax returns so we can’t be sure how many millions he will save. But the elimination of the estate tax is a honey for the Teump heirs.

Was there ever a more ineffectual and hapless president?