Kenneth Campbell is a political consultant who worked in the Obama administration.

In this article, he points out that the offhand racist remark of hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb–chair of the board of Success Academy Charter Schools network–was not an anomaly.

He writes:

Loeb isn’t the only Success leader who traffics in incendiary racial commentary. Board member Charles Strauch has had a blog for years that specializes in right-wing race baiting and recycled conspiracy theories from the dregs of the Internet, many with a racial tinge.

Strauch’s blog, Wealth Creates Good, was taken down on September 5th, not long after I began Tweeting excerpts of his posts to Success, asking for a response. (An archive of some of Strauch’s post can still be viewed here.)

In one post, Strauch writes about one of his projects, praising it as a “labor of love by those of us who really care about helping blacks to help themselves,” a regular theme on a blog that he says is dedicated to Blacks who dislike being portrayed as victims by other Blacks, especially the “well-financed government-and-media-backed minority leaders.”

In another post, he chastises Joshua DuBois, a former aide to the Obama administration, disparaging him as “Political Black activist-Degree in Black Nationalism. Anti gun ownership lobbyist. How does this guy stay busy – keepin’ the faith?” DuBois, by the way, was the White House aide responsible for strengthening national unity through work with faith-based leaders and organizations. He holds a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

Strauch has also used his blog to recycle outrageous allegations from the dregs of the Internet. Here he is, for example, sharing excerpts from a controversial story written about former President Obama, which questioned Obama’s objectiveness and ability to lead because he had taken “multiple subsequent journeys to Africa” and was raised in Hawaii. He also shared a crude satirical letter originally posted on Breitbart News and addressed to black students at Oxford University, asking: “what were your ancestors doing …? Living in mud huts, mainly. … You’ll probably probably say that’s ‘racist’. But it’s what we here at Oxford prefer to call ‘true.’”

And in yet another post, Strauch shares a fear-mongering op-ed, entitled “America is in decay.” The post, originally from National Review, claims that “for the first time – in recorded history – gender is meaningless,” which Strauch highlighted. He also highlighted an excerpt which blames “the End of Religion” as the fault of America’s “decay.” The excerpt reads: “The End of Right and Wrong … There are no moral truths because there is no longer a religious basis for morality.”

Strauch is not the only rightwinger on the Success Academy board. There are others who have donated millions to rightwing causes.

Campbell adds:

When Americans were sold the idea of charter schools more than three decades ago, the argument that they would be hubs of innovation that could reinvigorate all of our public schools gave them bipartisan appeal. Charter school leaders and their funders no longer share that vision. Instead of integrating some of their ideas into public classrooms for all children and educators to benefit, they are interested in dismantling public education for their own gain with little transparency and minimal public oversight. And, those who disagree will face the wrath of charter schools’ political organs and influence – just as Dan Loeb attacked Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Charles Strauch attacked black Democrats and civil rights leaders, and Moskowitz herself attacked the NAACP, accusing the civil rights organization of turning its back on students of color.

Success Academy’s Board of Directors and leadership have collectively contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates and special interest groups, including many who challenge the rights of LGBTQ people – including LGBTQ youth – and who have worked to advance cuts to public education, youth meal programs, and young people’s access to health care.

Ultimately, it is our communities that must deal with the collateral damage. Youth and parents have been dragged into a political debate when all that truly matters to them is a high-quality education and leaders who invest in the welfare of our youth. Our communities are stronger when youth wake up in decent housing, attend a school in a clean and well-equipped school building that is staffed by certified teachers and coaches who oversee extracurricular activities; and, where students have access to a nurse or a doctor when they are ill; and, of course when youth have access to a solid meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The stench of colonialism is strong and getting stronger.