Betsy DeVos did not visit a public school in Omaha, somewhat strange since almost all children in Omaha attend public schools.

She visited the Nelson Mandela Elementary School, then visited a Catholic school. Her snub of public schools was blatant.

At the Mandela school, she was greeted by the founder, Dianne Seeman Lozier and by students and teachers wearing pro-public school stickers.

Several teachers and students wore “NE (Heart) Public Schools” stickers.

While Mandela is a private school funded by the Lozier Foundation and William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation, Lozier said in a release that school officials do not support charter schools, which DeVos has championed. The school has a strong cooperative relationship with OPS [Omaha Public Schools], she said.

“We agree with Secretary DeVos on rethinking how schools engage and teach students, however, we want to be clear that we are not advocates for charter schools,” Lozier said. “We don’t think taking money away from public schools is the right decision and are adamant that public school systems need those dollars to educate all students.”

In February, Mandela Principal Susan Toohey told The World-Herald that she was “extremely disappointed” by DeVos’ confirmation, which came on a razor-thin 51-50 Senate vote.

“We absolutely don’t think taking money away from public school systems is the right decision,” Toohey said then.

Nebraska was not fertile ground for DeVos’ message of all-choice-all-the-time.

Nebraska Loves Public Schools!