The Los Angeles Times knows that it is a truly bad idea to let a billionaire buy a school of his choice in the LAUSD, but hey, it is Eli Broad, and he does provide $800,000 a year to underwrite education coverage in the LA Times.

LAUSD already has STEM schools, but this is Eli’s STEM school, and he really wants it.

Besides, it will provide wonderful resources for a few hundred kids in the nation’s second biggest school district, so who can say no?

So much for public education. So much for deliberation and due process. So much for billionaires buying whatever they want.

Does the LA Times agree that any other rich person should be allowed to get funding from the state for any school they want to open? Oh, yeah, that’s charter schools.

The LAUSD board split on the issue, with the pro-charter majority (all in debt to Eli Broad) supporting it, and the anti-charter minority saying that the district already has many excellent STEM programs which could use extra funding. (If they voted again today, the vote might be a tie, since the president of the board was just charged with multiple felony counts of campaign finance fraud.)

But with Eli, enough is never enough. He enjoys sticking his big thumb into the public’s eye and expecting gratitude.

Let us never forget that he secretly contributed money to defeat a ballot proposition to increase funding for the public schools.

If he can’t control them, why bother?