Barry Lynn writes about the dangers of monopolies. Recently he has written critically about Google’s efforts to dominate the tech world.

This became problematic for Barry Lynn, because Google is one of the major financial benefactors of the New American Foundation, which employed Lynn. Eric Schmidt–CEO of Google– was chairman of the board of NAF until 2016. Google and Schmidt’s Family Foundation have given $19 million to NAF.

The New America Foundation just fired Barry Lynn, who has worked there since 2001. Its spokesman said that his ouster had nothing to do with his criticism of Google. Right.

I was a board member of NAF in the early years of this century. What I learned while I was there was that it is not a left-leaning Foundation. It is a corporate-driven Foundation. It is in constant Fund-raising mode, and the board had many corporate moguls, including Eric Schmidt. I enjoyed it because I met Fareed Zakaria and other very cool people.

After a few years, I was asked to leave the board. Unlike Lynn, I never found out why they kicked me out. I have been ousted from some of the finest think tanks in D.C., including Brookings (I was kicked out ostensibly for “inactivity,” but it happened on the very day I lambasted Mitt Romney at the New York Revoew of Books, and my program head was advising Romney). If I lined up the think tanks that ousted me and the ones I abandoned, they would stretch from New York to California.

Lynn is lucky he is out. He is free to write what he wants without fearing the wrath of Google.