Thanks to G.F. Brandenburg for bringing this post to my attention.

Ross Cohen writes in Quota that there are rather important differences between Washington and Jefferson on one hand and Robert E. Lee on the other. While it is true that all of them owned slaves, the similarities end there.

Donald Trump is saying Robert E. Lee and George Washington are the same. That’s just silly. Who is dumb enough to fall for that?

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are historically notable for many reasons, most of them positive. Robert E. Lee is known for just one thing.

We could all write blocks of text about how silly this is, but who really has the patience for that?

Trump is known to prefer graphics in his memos and briefings so maybe we can use some simple Venn Diagrams to help explain it. Please excuse my crude graphics design…

What follows are some graphic designs that anyone–even a non-reader–can understand.