Peter Greene saw an article in Forbes making the absurd assertion that the problem with public schools is that they have certified teachers. In typical fashion, he demolishes this claim.

The article argues that teachers do not need to be paid well, and they do not need to be certified.

Greene says this is nonsense, to put it mildly.

He points out 18 reasons why the authors are wrong.

Here is the 18th reason:

“18) And it offers the best hope of bringing more capable people into the teaching that all agree is so vital.

“This is the final line of the article, and nothing in it has been proven in any of the lines that came before. Great teachers are somehow born and not made, and they alone can fix everything, and they are apparently distributed randomly throughout the population. Somehow by lowering standards, lowering pay, destabilizing pay, and removing job security, we will attract more of them and flush them out.

“That’s 18 dumb things in one short article. I suppose Forbes could get better articles if they paid less and let anybody write for them.”