There is an organization that tracks the privatization of public services–in cities, states, nationally and internationally. It is called “In the Public Interest.”

I urge you to sign up for its online newsletter and reports. You can stay informed about efforts to transfer public assets into private hands and to turn public services into profit-making businesses.

The latest weekly newsletter links to stoties like:

*A new film on efforts to monetize and disrupt higher education

*Privatizing the war in Afghanistan, with Erik Prince–Betsy’s brother–in charge of recruiting mercenaries

*Privatizing the management of national parks and campgrounds

*Privatizing municipal water systems

*Outsourcing the fire department in Orange County, California

*The problems in BrevardC ounty, Florida, when the company that manages its three golf courses quit;

*A rally in Westchester County, New York, against privatizing the local airport

*The victory in Dallas of opponents of a toll road.

And that’s only a sampling.