Gary Rubinstein learned that KIPP plans to add more schools in Philadelphia and nearly triple its enrollment.

So Gary did what he always did: he checked the public data for KIPP in Philadelphia.

He found that KIPP has one high school in the city.

That school got the lowest possible rating, essentially an F. Not only were their test scores low, but they also got the lowest possible rating in ‘growth’ in math and reading, in other words the value-added for the school which reformers claim to take very seriously.”

But, says KIPP spokesmen, an amazing proportion of our students graduate from college.

Gary checked the data. KIPP was resorting to its usual legerdemain and ignoring the high attrition from fifth grade to high school graduation. They compare all low-income kids only to their high school graduates, which makes KIPP look far better than the reality.

Given KIPP’s unimpressive academic record–one might say “failing” record–in Philadelphia, why would the School Reform Commission allow them to expand?