Daniel Katz prepares secondary school teachers at Seton Hall University. He knows the importance of having highly qualified professionals in every classroom, especially in urban districts where many students need extra support and individual attention.

In this post, he expresses his bafflement that the SUNY Charter School Committee is considering a plan to permit charter schools to “certify” their own teachers and bypass the rigorous standards now expected of public school teachers.

Katz describes in detail what a farce this proposal is. Even SUNY faculty are incensed that their knowledge is belittled by a governing committee–the charter committee–that consists of three lawyers and a CEO, all appointed by Governor Cuomo.

This proposal is not only an insult to the teaching profession, it insults the African-American and Hispanic families who have a right to expect that their children will be taught by professionals, not inexperienced amateurs.

The New York Board of Regents must stop this travesty. Now.

All children in the state deserve a qualified teacher.

If you are outraged, send an email to the SUNY Committee.