When the Florida House of Representatives passed the legislation to award $200 million to charter operators who opened in competition with low-performing schools, they also passed two other bills that are ugly.

One would require districts to share their property taxes with charter schools.

The other would make adjustments to the state’s idiotic “Best and Brightest” bonus plan for new teachers, which gives a large cash bonus to new teachers who had high SAT scores many years ago.

House members also approved its version of a measure (SB 376) that could lead to local school districts sharing construction dollars raised from local property taxes with charter schools. That bill was approved on a 76-38 vote.

And by a 79-38 vote, the House supported legislation (HB 7069) that would overhaul the Best and Brightest bonus program for teachers.

The proposal would lower the scores teachers would need on college-entrance exams to access the award, expand the number of tests that could be used to qualify for the bonuses and give principals an opportunity to earn additional pay by having large numbers of teachers at their schools who receive the awards.

But opponents said the changes did not go far enough.

“This was a bad idea last year,” said Rep. Joe Geller, D-Aventura. “It’s a worse idea this year.”

Watch Florida for the worst possible ideas in political manipulation of schools and teachers.