I read the Washington Post every day. It is an excellent source of news about the events in the nation’s capital.

One thing is clear. Trump is surrounded by leakers in his closest circle. There is great internal strife and leaking is a way of putting the shiv in your rival’s back. One story implies that a very senior official inside Trump’s circle is leaking. My guess: Jared Kushner. Maybe someone else.

Here are some stories I found interesting.

Stephen Bannon is in deep doodoo. Trump gets very annoyed when people refer to “President Bannon.” Brannon’s “economic nationalism” is sham.

Devin Nunez, Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee, recused himself from the Trump-Russia investigation, after disgracing himself by getting tips from the White House and reporting the “tips” to Trump as new information (without bothering to tell other members of his committee).

Jennifer Rubin is the designated conservative columnist for the Washington Post. Rubin blasts the administration, Paul Ryan and rightwing media for trying to undermine the investigation of foreign interference into our elections. She writes:

“The episode underscores the degree to which we are vulnerable when those in positions of authority — Nunes, Trump, Ryan, the leakers — abuse their trust and turn the most consequential national security investigation of our lifetimes into a circus.”

The paper’s regular fact-checker column says that Trump’s claim that Susan Rice committed a crime is “absurd.”