Todd Gitlin is a professor of journalism and sociology at Columbia University.

In this post, which appears on Bill Moyers’ website, Gitlin analyzes Donald Trump’s unusual use of grammar, syntax, and logic, as illustrated in the recent interview in TIME magazine.

Gitlin’s lucid inquiry leads him to ask: “Is Donald Trump the heir of generations of avant-garde poetry?”

One can only imagine the dissertations that will be written in the coming years:

“The Semiotics of Donald Trump”

“The Hermeneutics of Donald Trump”

“The Epistemology of Donald Trump”

And that’s only the English Department and Department of Literature!

Just imagine the dissertations in the fields of politics, history, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, black studies, criminal justice, women’s studies, international relations, business, even art. Will there be a field of study untouched by him?