I have tried mightily to keep this blog clean of all cursing, but I seem to be fighting a losing battle. (I still draw the line at the F word, however, unless it is absolutely necessary and relevant.)

But now we have the BadAss Teachers, and they do a valiant job of standing up for their profession and speaking up with courage and integrity.

And here is a great resource intended to help us spot lies, hoaxes, scams, frauds, and…Bullshit.

It is a website that describes a course with readings, and the website is callingbullshit.org

Now, back when I was writing “Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools,” my purpose was to give parents and educators the facts and ammunition to fight back against the pernicious attacks on our public schools. I suppose if I had used the term “bullshit” in the subtitle, it would have sold even better than it did (not complaining, it was a national best seller).

Meanwhile do go to the website and learn from its reading list and clear thinking about how to call bullshit.

It is coming at us so thick and fast that we need to be ready.