At his rally in Florida yesterday, he told the crowd about a terrorist incident in Sweden, but there was no terrorist incident in Sweden.

There were however terrorist attacks in Iraq, directed against Muslims, but these attacks do not appear on Trump’s radar because he is only concerned about white people.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he is of Swedish descent, but that isn’t true either. His father and grandfather were German. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Why does he lie about everything?

Want to know how often Trump lies? Politifact says that 50% of his statements are either “false” or “pants on fire.” Another 20% are rated “mostly false.” Only 16% of his statements are rated either “true” or “mostly true.” 14% are “half true.”

The default position for any thinking citizen is to assume that whatever he says, other than his name, is not true. Check the facts before believing anything he says.