Protestors blocked Betsy DeVos from entering a public middle school in DC.

Protesters block Betsy DeVos from entering public school in Washington

I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, I was thinking of planning a “Betsy, bar the door” campaign, because of her well-documented contempt for public schools.

But I had breakfast on Tuesday with Cindy Marten, the dynamic superintendent of the San Diego public schools, and she told me about the wonderful accomplishments and spirit of teachers, principals, and students serving a very diverse enrollment. I told her she should invite DeVos to see the schools, see how they address the needs of English language learners and kids with disabilities.

Which is best?

How could she not be impressed by public schools that enroll all children? How could she not see that the district’ charter schools are draining resources, not improving the public schools?

Doors open to all. Even DeVos.