Here we go again. Another day, another charter scandal. With Trump and DeVos in charge, expect to read more stories like this one.


The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security raided the offices of the Celerity charter chain in Los Angeles.


Celerity currently manages seven charter schools in Southern California and four more in Louisiana.


“The first signs that Celerity and its Los Angeles schools might be in trouble came in 2015. The organization had petitioned L.A. Unified to allow it to open two new charter schools, an application process it had gone through successfully several times before.


“But this time, L.A. Unified’s school board said no.


“School district officials raised new concerns over the charter school organization’s finances and its complex governance structure. In their final report, in which they advised board members to reject the group’s charter petition, they accused Celerity’s leaders of unorthodox fiscal practices, such as borrowing money from one school in order to pay another schools’ bills, spending money on expenses unrelated to the school and commingling the organization’s finances with those of separate legal entities.


“Celerity’s leaders denied any wrongdoing. Ultimately, the state Board of Education voted to allow the new schools to open.


“While all of this played out in the foreground, L.A. Unified’s inspector general opened an investigation into Celerity and McFarlane.


“The charter school organization’s battle with L.A. Unified continued. In October of last year, Celerity asked the school board to renew two of its schools’ charters — Celerity Dyad in South Los Angeles and Celerity Troika in Eagle Rock — for another five-year term.


“Renewals typically sail through LAUSD’s review process, but Celerity’s did not. Although district officials said the schools’ academic performance had met their standards, they reiterated their concerns about the organization’s fiscal management and potential conflicts of interest.”


Why does the state board override local charter denials? Perhaps federal agents should raid the offices of the State Board of Education to determine its ties to corrupt charter organizations and Eli Broad.