Carol Burris has been traveling the nation investigating states where choice is flourishing –and public schools are being underfunded to pay for choice.


She reports here that the public has little idea of the waste, fraud, and abuse that is embedded in the school choice movement.


Many taxpayers don’t know that every dollar that goes to a charter or a voucher is subtracted from the community public schools.


She asks the billion-dollar question:


The Washington Post published a 2013 story detailing issues at private schools that accepted public funds from the federally funded voucher program approved by Congress for the nation’s capital. It said in part:


[A] Washington Post review found that hundreds of students use their voucher dollars to attend schools that are unaccredited or are in unconventional settings, such as a family-run K-12 school operating out of a storefront, a Nation of Islam school based in a converted Deanwood residence, and a school built around the philosophy of a Bulgarian psychotherapist.


I suspect that Betsy DeVos and her followers would say that all of the above is the price we must pay to keep charters free of regulations. But if regulations are the problem, and deregulation the solution, why don’t the “choicers” push to deregulate public schools? Shouldn’t their creativity be unleashed as well?


Time to wise up.