Steven Singer says it straight: “Donald Trump lies.”


In a throwaway line in his inaugural speech, Trump said that the nation’s schools are “flush with cash” but failing to teach anything to their students.


To put it bluntly, Donald Trump knows nothing about American education. And he has chosen a Secretary of Education who knows even less than he does.


Steven describes the severe lack of funds that afflict many school districts, especially those in urban areas. School budgets have not grown since the 2008 economic collapse, yet they are expected to subtract funds to pay for charters, vouchers, and cybercharters (most of which perform worse than public schools).


I recommend that Trump and DeVos read my book “Reign of Error,” which shows that test scores are the highest they have been since the early 1970s, when NAEP testing began; that graduation rates are the highest they have ever been in our history; and that dropout rates are the lowest ever, for every racial group. But I have no hope that they will. Trump doesn’t read books, and DeVos is an ideologue whose mind cannot be changed by facts or evidence.