Nancy Bailey followed the hearings of Betsy DeVos to see what she knows about special education. The answer: Not much.


She doesn’t seem to know that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is a federal law. She thinks that states can decide whether or not it should be enforced in charter schools and voucher schools.


“Also in light of her support of vouchers, it was troubling that she didn’t seem to understand the question by Sen. Kaine about accountability of all schools which would be serving students with disabilities.


I think that was my favorite question and a truly relevant one that taxpayers should care deeply about.


If you are going to spend government funds on any private, parochial or charter school, as Mrs. DeVos believes should be an option, they all should be held to the same standards!


One big problem with choice is that many good private school administrators don’t want it. They don’t want to have outside regulations.


That leaves substandard private schools, or church schools, or any kind of school started by anyone who wants to run one. It we had real accountability measures in place, these schools wouldn’t last long or they wouldn’t be started in the first place.


Another problem is that private schools and charters don’t work at a level playing field.


Charters push out students with disabilities and second language students. They usually have rules for parents and students. If those rules are broken students are dismissed.


Traditional public schools are not permitted to weed out challenging students. Why should choice schools get to do that?”