The Center for American Progress has researched the many DeVos political action committees and discovered that they have given campaign cash to 10 of the 12 Republicans on the Senate Health,  Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. This is the Committee that will pass judgment on her fitness to be US Secretary of a Education.


“A number of media outlets and researchers have described the hundreds of millions of dollars the DeVos family has poured into right-wing causes for many years. A few have noted their pattern of giving to members of the Senate. But none have revealed a complete and up-to-date tally of her financial sway over the Senate that will consider her nomination.

“DeVos has taken this pay-for-play approach before. Just consider the impact she had in her home state of Michigan last year. As a reward for passing a no-accountability charter school law in the state, the DeVos family once gave state Republicans $1.45 million in a seven-week period. That’s about an average of $25,000 a day. “A filthy, moneyed kiss” is how the Detroit Free Press’ editorial page editor described the lobbying effort.”


The Senate hearings should be a love fest, with senators scrambling to praise her long experience as a friend of private and religious schools and lobbyist for vouchers.