On Sunday, the 11th of December, the Network for Public Education Action Fund held a dinner in my honor. It was a fundraiser, and we raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000. This will help us beat the billionaires at their own game! They have money, we have numbers of people, who work because of conviction, not because of money. There were 140 seats that evening, and all were sold, a full house. As I said in my remarks, if each person there was a letter, we were a perfect 140-character tweet. Carol Burris created a beautiful, multi-color journal to celebrate the event.


Peter Greene was not able to be with us, as it conflicted with his son’s marriage (Congratulations! Mazel Tov!). But he nonetheless shared his very fulsome thoughts, for which I am deeply grateful. We missed Peter. The bloggers present were amazing, including EduShyster, Gary Rubinstein, Jersey Jazzman, Mitchell Robinson (from Michigan), Mark Naison, Mother Crusader (Darcie Cimarusti), Anthony Cody (from California), Leonie Haimson, Jeannie Kaplan (from Denver), Jonathan Pelto, Andrea Gabor, Arthur Camins, Julian Vasquez Heilig (from California), Arthur Goldstein, and more. These are the people who dominate social media on behalf of education, and they do it all for free, like me. Also in attendance was a star-studded cast of college classmates, educators, BATS, clergy (a rabbi, a priest, and a minister, Charles Foster Johnson, the leader of Pastors for Texas Children, who flew in for the occasion), old friends, and new friends, as well as my two sons. At one point, I said to a member of the Blogging Fraternity, we are missing some of our best friends, like Peter Greene, Mercedes Schneider, Steven Singer, Paul Thomas, and so many others. I knew that they were with us in spirit.


For the next four years, we will man the barricades of social  media, we will be in the streets, we will work with our friends and allies, and we will not be silent. We will repel the vandals who storm the gates of public schools in search of plunder, profit, and power.