You might find this interesting. 


Jay Mathews has been writing for the Washington Post for many years. He is a big fan of charter schools. He wrote a book about KIPP. He admires Teach for America. Despite our differences, Jay is a genuinely nice guy who likes to exchange ideas and he listens. He sent me some questions, and I responded to him. He gave me an opportunity to review what he wrote.


Basically, I want a moratorium on new charters until certain requirements for transparency and accountability are met. I agree with the NAACP. I would like to see existing charters conform to the same standards of transparency and accountability as public schools. I would like them to stop cherry-picking students they want and pushing out the ones they don’t want. I would like to see a flat ban on for-profit charters and for-profit management organizations. I would like to see for-profit virtual charters shut down altogether.


With the incoming Trump administration, any charter reform is off the table. Betsy DeVos spent over $1 million to block legislation in Michigan to require charter accountability. Under her guidance, 80% of the charters in Michigan operate for-profit. There will be neither accountability nor transparency. There will be no effort to stop for-profit entrepreneurs. Profiteers will get free rein. Graft and fraud will get the green light. Taxpayer dollars will be squandered by chain-store corporations. Children will not be better educated, and many will be subjected to abusive disciplinary practices. If there are responsible voices in the charter industry, they should insist on cleaning up their own house. Otherwise, the scandals will  multiply.