Reader Vale Math posted this comment:

“I read today, people trashed a woman’s car and spray painted anti-Muslim messages on the car with swastikas as they thought she was wearing a hijab. She was wearing a head scarf because she lost her hair due to lupus. So now, Trump supporters are attacking people with cancer and auto-immune diseases.

“At a local school, a black student was told she should be lynched. She said she is used to it because the Trump-supporting students usually just spit on her.

“At my daughter’s college, I witnessed a pickup truck of rural Trump-supporting locals driving recklessly through the campus with confederate and “don’t tread on me” flags mounted on the back. I’ve seen similar large groups (10-15) of mostly pickups driving around Ohio with similar flags.

“Oh, and Hillary had an email server in her basement.”

Unless Trump acts promptly to stop the hate actions perpetrated in his name and inspired by his campaign, we are in for a terrible four years. How many years will it take to recover from the Trump era?

We must resist. We must protect our friends and our students. We must denounce hate crimes and hateful actions. This is not America.

Were all the pollsters wrong or was Trump right when he declared it was “a rigged election?” I think Trump was right.