Kurt Eichenwald, a senior editor at Newsweek, writes here about what is known about relationships between Trump and Putin/Russian intelligence services. The central question is who is hacking the emails of the Democratic party and why. Eichenwald has learned that Russian agencies hacked into the State Department server, raising the likelihood that Hillary Clinton’s emails were more secure on her private server than on the State Department’s. Two other interesting observations, among many: Trump was briefed on Russian hacking yet continued to deny it in debates, saying even his 10-year-old son could have hacked into the DNC; also, Russians briefly stopped the hacking after Trump attacked the Gold Star family, as they thought he might be forced to step down.

Whenever anyone brings up the Trump-Putin bromance, a reader is sure to respond that this is Red Scare talk, that it would be refreshing to have a president who gets along with Putin, that we must be careful not to ignite a new cold war. Eichenwald is sure to get thousands of angry tweets from Trump supporters, and he is sure to get thousands of anti-Semitic tweets, as he has in the past, even though he is not Jewish.

If Trump has backdoor dealings with Russia or any other foreign power, the public is entitled to know about it. To my knowledge, no previous presidential election was shadowed by the possibility that a foreign nation was hacking emails of one political party and interfering with the election process. We have a right to know.