Harold Meyerson is the editor of The American Prospect. He has written the most thoughtful article I have read about the election. He takes a long view, putting the election into a social and economic framework.

He calls the 2016 election “the post-middle-class election,” and ties its themes to the collapse of the middle class and the engorgement of the 1%. This situation created both an opening for Bernie Sanders but also for the rage of the white working-class, which responded to Trump’s white nationalist appeal.

He attended both conventions.

Here are his commentaries.

Democrats Night #1: The splits in the Sanders revolution; what happens to revolutions when they win some power and compromise; situating Bernie in the American socialist continuum: http://prospect.org/article/sighted-and-blinkered

Democrats Night #3: Mommy party vs. daddy party; what’s distinctive about an Obama speech – and presidency; Democrats find a way to attack Trump the autocrat: http://prospect.org/article/obama-confronts-trumps-shaky-grasp-democracy

Republicans Night #2: Cultural rage; GOP combats crime wave of 1988: http://prospect.org/article/trump-show-trapped-time

Republicans Night #4: Trump’s anti-democratic ethos; his debt to Roger Ailes: http://prospect.org/article/trumps-dystopia