A pro-public education group called Educate Nevada Now issued the following statement: 

Dear Friends:


“On July 29, 2016, we will proudly support a group of parents who stepped forward on behalf of Nevada’s 460,000 public school students. These parents said, “No!” to vouchers for private education, and so did a Nevada judge. On July 29, Nevada Supreme Court Justices will hear why the state’s voucher program is unconstitutional and illegal.


“Nevada’s Education Savings Account (ESA) voucher program would siphon off critically needed funds from Nevada’s public schools – as much as $30 million a year! That money would be available to any Nevada family to pay for private education, even if that family already has the means to pay and currently affords private education for their children.


“Our public schools are already suffering from underfunding. Some schools don’t have enough money to fix air conditioning units or have working lockers. Others don’t have enough teachers or can’t afford the necessary programs for our growing population of English language learners.


“If the voucher program is implemented, vital school programs and services will be cut. More teaching positions will be cut. Class sizes will balloon.


“Your tax dollars contribute to Nevada’s public schools, and our state constitution mandates that those dollars go to public education FIRST—before roads, infrastructure, prisons, or any other state expense. Your tax money will be taken away from the public schools and instead used for private education expenses that could range from private schools to private tutors, from textbooks to transportation and more.


“There are many reasons why the voucher program doesn’t make sense for Nevada. Please visit our website to learn more about the unconstitutional and illegal nature of the program, and what it means for Nevada’s hardworking families and children: http://www.educatenevadanow.com.


“Nevada’s future depends on public schools that provide a quality education to every child. And the public money that Nevada’s taxpayers provide to our state should be used for those public schools – not for private purposes.


“Please join us in our fight to ensure that the voucher program is never implemented. Let’s work together to support our children, our public schools and the future of our state.


“Educate Nevada Now ”

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