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I saw Michael Reagan, President Reagan’s conservative son, on CNN last week, and he said that his father had little in common with Trump. His father, he said, was a man of deep humility. He never boasted or bragged. He deflected difficult situations with a joke, and he had a large store of them.

During President Reagan’s second term, I was invited with a group of about 20 other educators to meet with the President. We met in the Cabinet Room of the White House, which is awe-inspiring. I sat next to Vice-President Bush and directly across from President Reagan. He listened to all we had to say, and at the end of the meeting he told a story about an encounter with a young college student when he was governor of California. The angry young man said, “your generation can’t possibly understand my generation. We grew up with space rockets and computers, and….” named the many innovations of the age. Reagan said he replied, “Son, my generation invented all those things.”

That was Reagan. Donald Trump is no Reagan.