Students at the Amistad High School, the crown jewel of the no-excuses Achievement First charter chain, walked out to protest the lack of diversity among the school’s teachers and the arbitrary discipline.

“Administrators overseeing the Achievement First Amistad charter high school promised to “do better” Tuesday after hundreds of black and Latino students walked out in protest to air longstanding complaints about racial insensitivity.

“The students massed on the football field of the Dixwell Avenue charter school after arriving on buses, then marched on the street chanting “What do we want? Diversity! When do we want it? Now! Now!”

“Some 98 percent of the school’s 498 students are black or Latino, according to its website. Most of the teachers are white.

“The school emphasizes that it grooms students to be leaders — and the students took them up on that mission at Tuesday’s orderly protest.

“They charged that a racially insensitive climate had led most of the black teachers to leave and to indiscriminate discipline.

“The protests brought into the open complaints students and parents have had about the racial climate in the school.

“The school has young teachers that can’t handle the classroom,” said Kordell Green, one of the organizers.”