Reader Chiara has often noticed that in her home state, Ohio, state officials seem to have forgotten that public schools exist, even though more than 90% are enrolled in public schools, not charters or voucher schools. Why does the schooling of the students in non-public “choice” schools obliterate any interest or concern for the vast majority of students? As she often points out, 93% of the children are in public schools, but state officials and the legislature focus exclusively on charters and vouchers.



Chiara makes the point:



“What’s great about living in a state where the government is captured by ed reformers is, 90% of education business conducted by publicly-paid employees focuses on charter and vouchers. Year after year, session after session, it’s “choice” but the “choice” is never a public school.

“They never seem to get around to doing anything for the unfashionable public schools. It’s remarkable how utterly and completely the favored sector dominates every aspect of the political maneuvering.
“If it wasn’t for testing, public school students would never be mentioned at all.”